Yogi Tree Yoga Living Green Earth Friendly Yoga Mat

You will really like this yoga mat. It has a beautiful green color. This mat seems a little bit thicker than other yoga mats, but it is a perfect thickness for your stances/positioning.Always get the compliment from others when use this mat. Only one conclusion is when you use it for the first few times and your feet or hand sweat then it will slightly slippy,but problem solve using with a yoga towel or a small hand towel. But later on it is no more slip. The yoga mat is working very well.

Prana Eco Yoga Mat

Had been looking for a brand new yoga mat and this one is I love of good grip, yet the right thickness and soft to your knees! What a beautiful colors yoga mat! Would recommend to everyone who yoga.

Manduka eKO Lite 3mm Yoga Mat

This mat replaced my pathetically ancient yoga mat that had fallen victim to my cats. I used it for the first time in a class (no time for a test run at home!), and it was so slip-proof that I had trouble correcting my stances at first (sliding a foot slightly to the left, etc.) but I think it's helped my practice a ton since I no longer have to concentrate on not slipping! I sweat a ton too, and no troubles there either. Yes, it does smell really odd...I would suggest avoiding leaving it in your car on a hot day before washing it, but after I washed it and hung it up, the smell is less noticeable.